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Give Pigeons The Flick With Our Pest And Bird Control Services In Melbourne

Pigeon excrement generally leads to the falling and slipping of humans. If a pigeon is on the rooftop of your house then it will definitely dirty your house with its excrement, feathers, etc. So it is very necessary to get rid of it. 

Pigeons may bring diseases like cryptococcosis, toxoplasmosis, food poisoning, and many more. The excrement of pigeons may lead to an increase in fungus and can cause histoplasmosis. Pigeons bring with them other pests like fleas, lice, ticks, and mites.

If you see pigeons nesting on your property, you should immediately contact professional pigeon control services to get rid of it. Pigeons do nest in your solar panel, to keep your panel free from pigeons you should use solar panel proofing which will prevent pigeons from sitting on them

It is illegal to kill birds or any other wild species. Hence, we can get rid of pigeons in another way. There are some services that Pest Control 4 Melbourne provides without harming the pigeons.

Some Services Provided By Our Bird Controller For Pigeon Control 

We provide a number of services to bird-proof your home and solar panels. Some of them are:

  • Anti-bird spike

    Spike traps are a set of connective spikes that are fixed to a surface to prevent pigeons from nesting in your property or area. This will not harm the birds, it will just deter them.

  • Parallel wires

    Bird-proofing with parallel wire is the best way to get rid of pigeons that are on your roof or any other part of your house. This wire prevents pigeons from landing or nesting.

  • Lasers

    Lasers are used to keep pigeons away from roosting around areas. Lasers are piercing light that blinds the pigeon once they cast around in an area for nesting. This method is quite effective.

Ongoing Prevention Tips For Pigeon Control

One-time treatment for pigeon control would not make you free from pigeons for life long. Hence, it is necessary to go with ongoing prevention tips. Once we are done with the removal of pigeons our professional provides you with certain tips to prevent your house or area from pigeons. It is your responsibility to prevent your house from nesting pigeons again. Here are some tips from our experts that you need to follow:

  • Remove stagnant water that is accumulated around your property.
  • Keep the area clean and the trash can close.
  • Avoid feeding birds
  • Maintain your roof or garden by regular cleaning to reduce the nesting of pigeons.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

  1. What are the different services available for controlling the pigeons, and how much does it cost?

There are many services that we provide to our customers to get rid of pigeons. Some services include bird exclusion, parallel wires, bird gel, lasers, anti-bird spike, etc. We provide services at an affordable cost i.e. neither too high nor too low.

  1.  How do I permanently get rid of pigeons in Melbourne?

Practical traps and repellents are the most effective solution in Melbourne to get rid of pigeons from your property.

  1. How Pest Control 4 Melbourne can help you to get rid of pigeons?

Pest Control 4 Melbourne has the best solution for pigeon control in Melbourne. There are certain methods that can help you to get rid of pigeon-like ultrasound pigeon repellers. Therefore, avail the best services provided by our company to get rid of pigeon attacks in your dwellings.