Termite Control Melbourne

Termite Inspection Service Before Treatment In Melbourne

Some research shows that 25% of Australia has been affected by termites. Hence it is very important that you should inspect the building before using it. A termite inspection in Melbourne is done to protect yourself from the termite. 

So before buying the land you should hire a termite inspector who will inspect your building and land thoroughly and will tell whether it is termite-free or not. Termite causes huge damages to your property so it is better if it is detected early so that it doesn’t spread all over your house. 

Here at Pest Control 4 Melbourne, our termite inspector not only inspects your house but also inspects your area. We can give you the details in advance about the chances of termite infestation at any place with the help of our inspection equipment. 

Our Termite Inspection Services And Related Benefits

  • Local knowledge: Our inspections give local knowledge to the customers about the inspection that is done near their locality.
  • Comprehensive reporting: We provide the full report after the inspection to the customer. In the report, all the details are mentioned about the problem found while inspecting and necessary steps to be taken to overcome the problem of termites.
  • 24/7 communication: We are available for our customers whenever they need us. Even in an emergency they can call and contact us for queries regarding termite inspection.
  • Emergency termite inspection: When there is an urgent requirement for termite inspection we are always ready to provide service in an emergency too. So you can count on us when there is an emergency.

Prevention tips that should be taken against termites

There are some prevention tips that you need to follow after the inspection of termites. If in the inspection there are no termites in your building that doesn’t mean it won’t hence, you need to take special care of your land and property.

Some of the prevention tips are mentioned below:

  • Remove all loose timber that is in contact with the ground.
  • Clear vents to allow the cross-flow of ventilation.
  • Remove landscaping timber and timber retaining walls.
  • Get rid of the moisture as it causes termites.
  • Routine inspection should be done.
  • Good distance between soil and wood
  • Stack firewood and lumber should be kept away from home.
  • Declutter of house.

To prevent your property from termites you need to follow these prevention tips. Generally, these precautions are guided by expert professionals.

FAQs ( frequently asked questions)

  1. What are the services that one can avail of in a termite inspection?

The services that one can avail for a termite inspection is a thorough inspection of the new building with the proper comprehensive report written about the problem seen in the building regarding termites.

  1. How much does it cost for a termite inspection in Melbourne?

The cost depends upon the size of the property. For average property-size charges are $200-$250, and for large size of the property, it varies from $450-$500. 

  1. How is the termite inspection of Pest Control 4 Melbourne?

We have a good number of customers who trust us for our service. We have expert professionals who guide the customers with the best inspection and make them understand the problem of not inspecting the property before using it. You can give us a chance to provide the best termite inspection in Melbourne.